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 Texas's Top Rated Home Warranty Providers

Texas's Top Rated Home Warranty Providers

There isn't a list of the "top-rated" home warranty companies in Texas that is generally accepted as of my most recent knowledge update from January 2022. Nonetheless, a few businesses are well-known for their offerings in terms of coverage and services. Remember that different customers may have different experiences, so it's important to think about your particular needs and do extensive research on each provider. The following are a few renowned companies that offer house warranties in Texas:

AHS, or American Home Shield:

One of the oldest and most popular companies offering home warranties is AHS. For appliances, systems, and more, they provide a range of plans and optional coverage.

Select Home Warranty:

Numerous home systems and appliances are covered by Choice Home Warranty. They have an extensive network of certified service technicians and provide all-inclusive plans.

The original home warranty in America:

First American Home Warranty is renowned for its uncomplicated plans that encompass major appliances and home systems. They have a sizable contractor network.

Landmark Household Guarantee:

Offering plans that cover appliances, systems, and more, Landmark Home Warranty is a company that operates in Texas and other states. Additionally, they offer extra coverage that is optional.


HVAC, electrical, plumbing, and other systems are among the many systems that are covered by the home repair plans that HomeServe provides. For services, they collaborate with nearby contractors.

CompleteProtect House Guarantee:

Comprehensive home warranty plans covering major appliances and systems are offered by TotalProtect. They also provide more choices for coverage.

Home Services Cinch:

Plans from Cinch provide coverage for systems, appliances, and built-in parts in homes. They offer a variety of options for coverage.

Think about things like customer reviews, service fees, coverage options, and reputation of the provider when selecting a home warranty provider. It's wise to study client testimonials, closely review the terms of the contract, and contrast the coverage and costs offered by various providers.

Before making a choice, it's a good idea to look up the most recent reviews and ratings from reliable sources or customer feedback platforms, as the standing and rankings of home warranty providers can change over time.

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