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 Does Florida Require Workers' Compensation?

Does Florida Require Workers' Compensation?

Yes, Florida mandates that the majority of employers offer their staff workers' compensation insurance coverage. By guaranteeing that injured workers receive the necessary medical attention and compensation for lost wages, this insurance serves to safeguard both employers and employees. Employers are generally shielded from lawsuits pertaining to workplace accidents.

In Florida, the majority of construction companies as well as companies with four or more employees in other industries are required to offer workers' compensation coverage. Even businesses in the construction sector with one or more employees are usually obliged to carry workers' compensation insurance.

The general rule has some exceptions, and some employee categories might not be covered. For instance, certain agricultural laborers, domestic helpers, and independent contractors might not be protected.

In Florida, employers can choose to be self-insured if they meet certain financial requirements, or they can purchase workers' compensation insurance from private insurance companies. Furthermore, the Florida Workers' Compensation Joint Underwriting Association (FWCJUA) is run by the state of Florida and offers insurance to employers who are unable to get coverage on the private market.

To make sure they meet legal requirements and give their employees the coverage they need, employers in Florida must be aware of and abide by the state's workers' compensation laws. It is advisable to speak with legal or insurance experts who are knowledgeable about Florida's workers' compensation laws if you have specific questions.

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