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‘We Really Are What We Eat’: Benefits of Nutrient-Rich Foods

‘We Really Are What We Eat’: Benefits of Nutrient-Rich Foods


today we're talking about nutrition our guest is Natalie Castro a nutritionist and registered dietician at Baptist Health South Florida this Castro thanks for joining us thank you you think you were having me first of all what does it mean to eat healthy you want to be focusing on the foods that are going to supply your body with the most amount of energy things that are going to be good for your body so nutrient rich foods things that are high in vitamins minerals and fiber mm-hmm so why is this

important why is it so critical to fuel your body the correct way well people don't realize is that we really are what we eat those nutrients that we eat from the foods that we choose actually impacts directly things like our blood pressure our glucose or our blood Sugar's and our cholesterol our body normally regulates these different levels but over time making these poor food choices can have an overall effect so that's where we increase our risk for chronic diseases so making better food choices we really do have that control to prevent diseases to treat them and to manage care so give me some examples of healthy nutritious foods what should we be looking for fruits and vegetables are

excellent choices they're loaded in those vitamins and minerals that we want to make sure we're getting and they're very high in antioxidants so that helps decrease any inflammation that we might be having so at lunch and dinner we want to make sure we're having some kind of vegetable on our plate and then throughout the day we want to reach for at least two fruit we want to reach for those lean proteins and we want to watch some of the greens that we have our portion sizes on things like breads rice grains cereals we want to just watch how much of those for having you know some people really

advocate a no carb way of eating carbohydrates are part of our healthy diet we want to get them in there but we want to look for those higher fiber ones it will decrease how fast our blood sugars go up so things for two examples would be rice versus brown rice white rice versus brown rice so the amount of fiber in brown rice will decrease how fast your blood Sugar's go up but the trick with carbs is how much you're having throughout the day so if we just kind of cut back on our portion it would decrease how much we end up having throughout the day let me ask you another question that so

many people struggle with this motivation because it's hard to change the way you've grown up eating exactly so going back to that same concept that if you just think of it as small steps I always say small changes ends up equaling big results eventually right so we just need to keep adding on it and the biggest trick is consistency so an example could be if you're a soda drinker or if you like to have juice with all your meals the idea would be have your beverage but then also add maybe a water to it so then what you're doing is you set yourself a goal to drink a little bit less thank you so much miss Castro for joining us and sharing this really important life-saving information the Union you

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