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Mix the ginger with cabbage and belly fat will be gone permanentl

Mix the ginger with cabbage and belly fat will be gone permanentl


How to get rid of belly fat in 7 days ! No strict diet no exercise needed ! Hi everyone , I hope you are all well If you come to my channel for the first time Subscribe and activate the bell So that to be the first to receive Such amazing videos , Thanks in advance! In today's video , I will prepare for you A natural recipe for extreme weight loss To help you lose belly fat Super fast at home Using amazing ingredients From your kitchen ! The first ingredient:

the ginger The ginger, is one of the most effective Natural herbs in the process Of belly fat burning Ginger promotes digestion , Treats digestive problems And facilitates the absorption of fats In the small intestine We are going to need A piece of fresh ginger In this size Please press the like button The second ingredient: cabbage Cabbage is low in calories Rich in vitamin C , vitamin K Minerals and antioxidants.

Cabbage contains insoluble fiber Which keeps the digestive system healthy Cabbage help lower high blood pressure And lower bad cholesterol levels Wash cabbage and remove all residues Please press the like button The third ingredient: Lemons or Oranges Lemons rich in Vitamin C and antioxidants Which are useful in burning belly fat Lemon increases the feeling Of satiety and fullness for a long period Without adding calories to the body

The juice of 1 lemon or 1 orange Choose to add one in your convenience Please press the like button 1/2 L of water Put the ingredients in the blender Mix it very well Strain it You can also Drink this recipe without strain it Please Press The Like Button Optional after filtering the drink, You can add 3-4 fresh mint leaves Drink 1 cup half an hour Before breakfast In a daily basis To get effective result Continue to drink this recipe For 7 days You can store this recipe In the refrigerator for 3 days If you have any request please don't hesitate We welcome all your comments Thanks for watching , Please don't forget to subscribe to our channel. Mo

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