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Eating Vegetables V/s Drinking Vegetable Juice

Eating Vegetables V/s Drinking Vegetable Juice

Many people are confused, if they should eat vegetables like carrot, cucumber, bottle gourd etc or if they should drink it's juice. Nutritionist Pooja Makhija has also been asked the same question many times. In this video I will tell you whether it is beneficial to eat raw vegetable or is it better to drink vegetable juice ???or is it better to do both. Or both are not useful.

As said by Pooja Makhija. I will explain about it in this video. We buy vegetables from the market and store it in the refrigerator or elsewhere. We select the vegetables and chop them. There after we eat it as a salad. This process of storing, cleaning, cutting and then eating the vegetables takes long time. Some nutrients and vitamins are lost in this process of storing. Or if you cook the vegetables, vitamins are lost due to the heat. If we juice vegetables as soon as we buy them, and drink it, the nutrients and vitamins are quickly absorbed. Hence, Vegetable juice is beneficial. While eating salads or cooked vegetables, you have to chew it. You can not swallow it whole.

While chewing the some nutrients are absorbed and some are lost. Some nutrients are also lost inside the body due to the acid in the stomach. Whereas while drinking vegetable juice nutrients are not lost as there is no chewing needed. Drinking the juice helps the stomach quickly absorb vitamins and nutrients into the body faster. Any vegetable for example spinach, if you use it in a salad, you can't eat it by itself. You will need to add other vegetables like cucumber, carrot, tomatoes etc. to it. Or if you are making cooked spinach vegetable, you will not use the whole bunch, you will add things like tomatoes or paneer to it. Along with palak you add other vegetables as well. On the other hand, you can juice an entire bunch of spinach. You can even add bottle gourd, tomatoes, cucumber or any other vegetable to it. This juice wil have a lot of nutrients. While making salad or cooked vegetables, only selected vegetables can be added whereas in juice a lot more can be added.

Hence it has a lot of benefits. I explained to you the difference between eating vegetables and drinking vegetable juice. But, remember stick to your daily diet and continue eating vegetables. Do not switch only drinking its juices. Eat your vetetables how you have been doing since childhood but also drink vegetable juice along with it. If you do both, your immunity, skin and hair will be good. So remember to do both - eat vegetables and drink its juice as well..

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