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Benefits of Eating Vegetable Sprouts

Benefits of Eating Vegetable Sprouts


Wow! Subah, what are you doing? I'm growing vegetable sprouts Vegetable sprouts? What's that? I've only heard about dal, moong, and chana sprouts 3 years ago, they were something completely new for me too But in 2018, in Hippocrates Health Institute, America, I had gone to attend a 3-month course It's a highly prestigious natural cancer healing institute Here, I observed with my own eyes how by changing their diet and lifestyle, people were able to reverse their advanced cancer & tumours When I looked into it in more depth,

I found out that they were having these sprouts twice a day These sprouts have the nutrition of a full-grown plant sitting within them And thanks to this nutrition, people were able to reclaim their health So in that moment, I knew that I had to share this powerful secret with you all So in this video, I'll share everything you need to know about vegetable sprouts In the first part of this video, you'll learn about all their benefits From giving you to strength to giving you immunity, why are they Mother Nature's greatest superfood?

And in the second part of this video, you'll learn the right way to prepare them What are the best varieties that you can grow in India? And how can you use them? But first, let's understand what is a sprout When you add water to a seed, it starts sprouting because of the moisture around it a tail starts emerging from it this seed along with the tail is called a sprout We've only known about sprouting lentils till now But there are plenty of vegetables that you can sprout and consume But why do you call these sprouts superfoods? The answer is hidden in the name.

They are truly SUPER S for strength-giving, which give you a lot of power Look at these radish sprouts This little sprout grows up to become a big radish plant Think about it - this tiny sprout has the power to become such a big radish When you eat it, what do you think happens?

Where does this power go? In your body! In Hippocrates Health Institute, we were also taught that sprouts are 10-30 times more nutritious than a full grown plant 2nd benefit - U for unadulterated which means absolutely pure These days many of us are hunting for organic food but it's either too expensive or we can't figure out whether it's truly organic or not but sprouts are organic by default without any chemicals, without any herbicide or pesticide You can trust that they are safe because you're the one growing them 3rd benefit - P for pranic, which means they're full of prana Try this experiment yourself.

Take 2 pots. Add some sprouts in one of them and add any one of these things in the other one Water them a little every day After 1 week, what happens?

The pot in which you added cooked food will remain exactly as it was before nothing will grow out of it but in the pot containing the sprouts, you'll see a small plant growing Why? Because sprouts have prana. They have life And foods like biscuits, chips and noodles have no life in them Something that has no life can never give you life Think - how much life, how much prana, how much energy is in this little sprout And when you eat them, that same energy is transferred to you It fills you with energy it helps with your body's repair and regeneration and eliminates the diseases inside you Next benefit - E for easy To grow them, you don't need any soil, or special light, or machine, or lots of space, or much time All you need is some vegetable seeds, a thin cotton cloth, and water You simply have to soak the seeds in water, which only takes 1 minute

The next morning you have to tie them in a bundle, which takes another minute And then just open the bundle and wash the seeds daily for the next 3 days How much time does it take to wash them? 1 minute! By the 5th day, they will have long tails growing out of them and they are ready to be eaten In 5 days, how much time did it take?

Just 5 mins They're not just easy to grow, but really easy to digest too How can they be easy to digest? So many people get gas, acidity and indigestion after eating sprouts Look, listen to this carefully there are 2 types of sprouts - one the kind you've known about for many years lentil and bean sprouts On the other hand, there are vegetable sprouts It's difficult to digest lentil and bean sprouts That's why some people get gas, acidity and indigestion after eating them They are great for those who have strong digestive power like children, athletes, players who run a lot, workers who do a lot of physical labour but

if you only exercise for 1 hour a day & usually spend your day sitting on a chair then vegetable sprouts are more suited for your lifestyle they are really easy to digest and there's no question of getting gas, acidity or indigestion by eating them So what's the last R? Think about it Reasonable, which means they are cheap Seeds grow 10-15 times their size once they sprout Spending just a few rupees, you can grow so many sprouts Come, let's find out what are the best sprouts that can be grown in India Look - there are many vegetable seeds that you can sprout but after a lot of research, we found that there are 4 best varieties that grow in India

These are 4 varieties that can easily grow without any hassles in the Indian climate You may be thinking - "Oh! But where will I find these seeds?" You can order them from Amazon But to make it easy for you, we've also made these seeds available on our Satvic Movement website From this website, you can order packets for all 4 varieties We have shared the website link in the description box below And you may find fenugreek seeds in your kitchen already right now you can start growing them right now Let's find out how to grow them The first step for growing sprouts is to soak them Take 2 big spoons of seeds, wash them once and transfer them to a vessel Add at least 1 inch more water than the layer of seeds Now soak them overnight The next step is tying them in a bundle So the next morning, take the water out of the vessel Wash the seeds properly with water once and take a thin white cotton cloth like this it's not any special cloth.

It's just a thin white cotton cloth Place your soaked seeds on it and tie the cloth tightly in a bundle so that the seeds are wrapped in a bundle like this Now place this bundle in a bowl and cover it with a plate like this You can leave this bowl on your kitchen counter, but ensure it's not exposed to direct sunlight they can get damaged if exposed to direct sunlight The last step is washing them. For the next 3 days, once in the morning and once in the evening, you have to open the bundle and place it under running water After washing them a little, tying them tightly in a bundle again, place them back in the bowl why do we do this? So that they can retain the moisture. Moisture is really important for growth Just wash them like this for 3 days and by the 4th day, you'll see long white tails growing from your sprouts This means they are ready to be eaten Did you see how easy it was?

Just soaking them, tying them in a bundle, and washing them By the 4th day, the world's healthiest food is ready to be eaten by you Different seeds take different time to sprout But within 4-5 days, they're all usually ready to be eaten Once they're ready, you can keep them in a glass bottle and put them in your fridge Remember - before placing them in the fridge, it's really important to fully dry them You can place them under a fan to dry them These sprouts can easily last for 5-7 days Come, let's discuss some important FAQs 1st question - how do we use these sprouts?

the best way to use sprouts is by adding them to your salads Instead of simply sprinkling some sprouts on top of it, make them a main part of it To make a perfect salad, add 30% vegetable sprouts 30% vegetables of your choice like cucumber, tomato, carrot, capsicum, beetroot, cauliflower and 30% green leafy vegetables like spinach, coriander, lettuce, cabbage, fenugreek leaves For 10% topping, you can add delicious homemade chutneys or dry fruits and grated coconut kernel You can replace any of your meals with this salad - breakfast, lunch or dinner Apart from this, you can also add sprouts to your soups Add them to tikkis You can add them to anything and eat them

Just remember to add a big quantity of them - at least half a cup Next question - what do we if my sprouts catch mold? Some people may face this problem When sprouts get spoiled, or when a little bit of mold or fungus grows on them, don't worry try again This time place them somewhere with access to fresh air If there's a window in your kitchen, you can place them near it or keep a little fan next to your sprouts Mold or fungus only grows when your sprouts do not get enough fresh air As soon as you increase this fresh air, there won't be any more mold or fungus To order your sprout kit, click here And click here to find some delicious recipes using sprouts so that you can learn more ways use to them

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