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Wellness Wednesday: Health benefits of cabbage

Wellness Wednesday: Health benefits of cabbage


Ivermectinpro - Bring our attention to good health this morning it is an inexpensive and underrated vegetable that could pack a big health benefit for you well others wellness Wednesday our doctor Frank McGeorge is here to explain why you should give well cabbage a second chance when it comes to your diet this weekend lots of restaurants will be serving up corned beef and cabbage in honor of st.

Patrick's Day but with all the benefits cabbage has to offer you shouldn't limit it to just one holiday however you slice it cabbage is a superstar when it comes to your health it's a diverse vegetable that's the main ingredient in dishes like kimchi coleslaw sauerkraut and many salads one of the biggest benefits is reducing inflammation in your body that's due to powerful antioxidants chronic inflammation can increase the risk of heart disease arthritis and bowel disease cabbage is also rich in fiber that quality helps improve digestion by keeping

you regular and promoting the growth of healthy bacteria in your gut eating more red cabbage in particular may help reduce your risk of a heart attack cabbage is also high in vitamin C and K both essential for a variety of important functions including blood clotting and the production of collagen there are hundreds of different types of cabbage but if it's just not your thing many of the same benefits can be found in related vegetables

like broccoli cauliflower bok choy and Brussels sprouts but if it's been a while since you tried cabbage consider giving it a second chance back to you I love cabbage but I will admit I never buy it I'll get it like in menus like the coleslaw cabbage super simple sauce bomb I really ever well now there's a reason why

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