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Herbal Medicine 101 From a Doctor of Chinese Medicine

Herbal Medicine 101 From a Doctor of Chinese Medicine


We're starting with a physician of acupuncture as well as Chinese medication. This is Dr. Daniel Hsu (target market praises) from AcuHealth right below in New York City. Thanks for joining us a lot. It's my pleasure. Thank you for having me, men. There are 2 primary pillars of Chinese medication. Among them is acupuncture, as well as the other one is herbal medication. Currently, organic medication can be delivered in all type of means. You can have raw natural herbs and also cook them, you can have granular herbs or powdered herbs, as well as you can have, for topical objectives, you can have natural herbs in patches. Mm-hm.

Ooh! And also a great deal of these-- I really did not understand about the organic patches. Me either! Maybe we didn't see that. I did not understand that! As well as a lot of these natural herbs, believe it or otherwise, happen in, they exist in your cooking area. Right. So, ginger as well as mint, and also, you understand, garlic is a natural herb, also. So a great deal of times, when you're consuming food, you're actually using a great deal of herbs.

And also are a lot of our medicines, they're plant-based to begin with, like points, right. Right, precisely. For example, pain killers. Well, the chemical in pain killers originates from the bark of the willow tree, and also back in the old days, they utilized to boil the willow tree bark down and consume it and feel much less discomfort, it's great. And also it even says, doesn't it also say willow bark in the components?

(laughs) Right, in some cases it does that, right. Yeah, yeah. Occasionally it says willow bark. Chinese herbal solutions are made complex. Occasionally there are 20 or 30 different kinds of herbs. You got some natural herbs that are the main herbs, that are there for the actual result. You got some natural herbs that exist to type of assistance out those natural herbs, or sometimes also reduce several of the adverse effects that you do not want. I got you. And also after that you got various other herbs that are there to provide it.

So these are the raw ones, and this is a granular one. We're gon na have you individuals taste the granular. All right. All right, so-- I wanted the appealing stuff that looks like potpourri! (Bob and audience laugh) You can taste it! I don't have the potpourri? You have actually obtained ginger, you've obtained mint, okay, and think what this is, this is licorice! See, oh, yeah. Oh, you can go light on the licorice. It's actually rather sweet. Licorice is kinda-- My older Italian family members will certainly be appropriate with you there, yet not me.
(Daniel laughs) All right, let's attempt it. Right here's an inside story for you-- Do some herbs have deer antler in them? I have actually heard that. Not, well, we do not use that sort of stuff. Yeah. No, no, no. Look, herbs can be plant-based, they can be mineral-based, and sometimes, they can be animal-based. But when they're animal-based, it's like a bit of fat. Simply a little bit. Simply a little, oops, sorry. Yeah, youngsters, this is, you obtained ta speak with your doctor or a specialist of herbology.

Don't do this in the house. Do not start blending all sort of weird natural herbs as well as consuming them at residence. Unless it's garlic and ginger, that's okay, however anything else. All right, here we go. Super hot, just kinda drink it, be mindful. (glasses chink) Cheers! Thanks! Sip it, drink it, incredibly hot. Delicious! Okay? Doesn't taste like anything. Doesn't taste like anything. It tastes like warm water. Yeah.Profil

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