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Different types of banana and their benefits | Benefits of banana

Different types of banana and their benefits | Benefits of banana


hello as well as welcome to black phoenix az we're back with one more informative and extremely helpful video we'll be talking about the kinds as well as benefits of banana bananas are a kind of edible fruit they expand in numerous exotic countries the usual banana is a long bent fruit with yellow tinted peel as well as starchy soft flesh there are around 1 000 varieties of bananas in various dimensions forms as well as even shades for instance there are small red bananas long plump greek bananas

purple bananas and also chubby baby bananas that are only 7.5 centimeter long all ranges of bananas belong to the musa category in the museesi family members botanically talking bananas are a type of berry fruit and they expand in over 150 nations it is thought that bananas come from west africa and in the indigenous african language the fruit was called in your area as banana so currently let's consider some sorts of common bananas that you can readily get in the shop we will certainly likewise take a look at some much less widely known

selections of bananas that you may just find in health and wellness or some unique stores so let's begin will we cavendish banana is one of the most familiar subgroup that comes from musa acuminata varieties which is indigenous to southeast asia these are one of the most typical banana range on sale in many shops according to some estimates cavendish bananas represent almost half of all bananas grown and exported worldwide as they ripen they turn a brilliant yellow color as well as black brownish places may show up on the skin cavendish bananas are generally

sold while they are still somewhat environment-friendly and also they will ripen in a couple of days some preferred cavendish banana cultivars consist of dwarf cavendish huge cavendish and also williams an additional category of banana is the grand name which is additionally called the chiquita banana among the reasons cavendish bananas are so popular is due to the fact that they're a wonderful selection of fruit in reality they're

additionally classified as a treat banana their ripe soft flesh is delicious eaten raw also when cavendish bananas turn brownish their sweet taste escalates as well as you can add them to healthy smoothies or use them to make banana bread delicious yummy for my stomach tummy now prior to cavendish bananas came to be so prominent the grow michelle cultivar was one of the most popular sort of banana among the largest kinds of bananas the plus size of the banana as well as its thick peel suggests that it is an exceptional export banana these big long bananas are no much longer

commonly readily available in western countries as they used to be illness eliminated a lot of the plant in the 1950s and ever since cavendish bananas have come to be one of the most prominent banana in the globe nevertheless expand michelle cultivars are still a prominent banana in asia with thailand as well as malaysia generating one of the most plant for numerous individuals huge mike bananas are more delicious than cavendish bananas grow michelle cultivars have an abundant creamy texture and a more robust and also sweeter taste burrow bananas are a variety of yellow banana that are rather much shorter and chunkier than cavendish bananas these tiny bananas only expand to about 15 centimeters in size they have a square shape

and stumpy appearance the dark environment-friendly flesh slowly transforms deep yellow as the banana ripens before they are fully ripe burro bananas have a zesty taste as well as a company structure as they ripen their flesh becomes much sweeter and also has a dense appearance you can consume vero bananas raw and also they're likewise helpful for cooking because of their company texture an additional sort of small banana is the manzano banana cultivar also called apple banana currently this might not be the tiniest banana variety however it has a short size as well as plump seek to it in truth these mini bananas just expand to around 4 inch or 10 centimeter in size manzano bananas are classified as a crossbreed cultivar and are a cross between musa acuminata and also musa balbisiana they're additionally called latunden bananas silk bananas or apple bananas compared to cavendish bananas manzano fruits

have a firmer texture similar to many banana kinds manzano bananas start off green and afterwards slowly become yellow as they ripen to enjoy this banana's selection at its sweetest delay until the thick skin has actually nearly turned black the soft flesh will certainly be incredibly wonderful much sweeter contrasted to cavendish bananas their sweetness when fully ripe can appear like tropical tastes of pineapple as well as apples this is one of the factors why manzano bananas are additionally called the apple banana similar to the majority of bananas manzano bananas are an abundant source of potassium as well as various other minerals so enough info concerning the kinds

currently allow's speak about some advantages will we banana is filled with fiber both soluble as well as insoluble the soluble fiber has the tendency to reduce down digestion as well as keep you really feeling full for a longer time which is why bananas are usually consisted of in a breakfast dish so that you can start concerning your day without having to fret about the following dish high fiber foods are stated to be excellent for the heart according to a study done by uk's college of leeds increasing the intake of fiber-rich foods such as bananas can decrease the threat of both heart disease and coronary heart disease according to ayurveda banana has a pleasant and sour preference the

wonderful preference is stated to cause a feeling of thickness however the sour taste is known to stimulate agni the digestion juices thereby sustaining food digestion as well as aiding in building up metabolism banana is a heavy weight when it comes to nourishment it is loaded with crucial vitamins and also minerals such as potassium calcium manganese magnesium iron folate niacin riboflavin as well as b6 these all add to the proper functioning of the body and also

maintaining you healthy and balanced the high material of potassium in bananas makes it a super fruit this mineral is understood for its various health and wellness profiting residential or commercial properties it helps in controling heart beat blood pressure and keeps the brain sharp so make sure you add bananas to your everyday diet plan to maintain your heart as well as brain healthy i simply had one prior to i taped this it is a recognized reality that salt is the offender when it concerns

hypertension bananas have reduced salt material and high potassium web content and also these residential or commercial properties add to making it a suitable for those undertaking this condition however see to it you consult your nutritionist or physician prior to you add it to your diet due to the high iron material in bananas they are great for those experiencing from anemia anemia is a

condition where there is a decline in the number of red cell likewise called rbcs in the blood this brings about exhaustion lack of breath and paleness but as we always claim that small amounts is the crucial there are heaps much more advantages yet well that's enough in the meantime if you require much more useful video clips like these don't neglect to subscribe to our network and also click the bell symbol so you obtain alerted whenever we post our next video your valuable tips are super important to us so do upload them in the comments section

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