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CABBAGE BENEFITS - 13 Impressive Health Benefits of Cabbage!

CABBAGE BENEFITS - 13 Impressive Health Benefits of Cabbage!


cabbage benefits 13 impressive health benefits of cabbage although cabbage is full of nutrients it's still less consumed than broccoli and kale all these vegetables along with cauliflower belong to the same plant species called brassica cabbage is rich in vitamins and minerals and it is a good source of nutrients for your overall health as well as for your skin white red green and purple cabbage is

available in all these colors in today's video we will show you 13 impressive health benefits of cabbage number one helps in cancer prevention scientists found that some vegetables like cabbage reduce the risk of bowel cancer according to research as indole-3-carbinol goes through the digestive system it is modified by stomach acid this changes the behavior of cells in the bowel lining as the bowel lining is regenerated continuously and the renewal is controlled by the way cells interact if the

chemical is not present in the gut then it will cause the uncontrolled division of stem cells which can lead to cancer studies show that mice that were at high risk of cancer were protected by this chemical from cancer another compound found in cabbage called sulforaphane has the potential to fight cancer this chemical is only activated when the vegetables are chopped and chewed according to the research sulforaphane can inhibit harmful enzymes that cause cancer cell progression and stops the growth of cancer in the body studies also suggest that it can be useful for the treatment of lung cancer and breast cancer do you find this video interesting so far please don't forget to subscribe to my channel hit the like button and ring the notification bell if you want to see more content like this number two good for your heart red cabbage contains a plant pigment called

anthocyanin this is the same compound that gives vibrant color to fruits and vegetables the presence of bioactive compounds in fruits and vegetables leads to a low risk of chronic vascular diseases cvd cvd protection by anthocyanin is strongly related to protection against oxidative stress an intake of 0.2 milligrams per day of anthocyanin was associated with reducing the risk of cvd in them so there is a close link between anthocyanin and reducing the risk of heart disease another benefit is sodium is quite low in cabbage which is good for maintaining the health of the cardiac system number three

better digestion by eating cabbage as cabbage is rich in dietary fibers so it is a good food to add to our diet to improve overall digestion fibers are of two main types soluble fibers dissolve in water and create a gel that improves digestion while the second type insoluble fibers don't dissolve and it adds bulk to your stool to make it pass easily from the bowel it regulates bowel movement its juice is helpful to cure stomach pain and ulcers as it has anti-ulcer properties cabbage can also help to increase the growth of good bacteria in the gut while also benefiting our immune system's health number four anti-inflammatory properties cabbage contains high levels of flavonoids and anthocyanin so it has been used as an herbal medicine for quite a long time also cabbage contains many different antioxidants that can reduce the risk of

inflammation according to research cabbage can also be used for the treatment of skin inflammation because of its anti-inflammatory properties number five helps in weight control when you are trying to lose cabbage is a good food to add to your diet as it is low in calories also it is full of nutrients and fibers fibers give us the feeling of complete fullness for a longer period and improve our digestion due to these properties it is always recommended for a weight loss diet number six good for pregnant women constipation is a common problem in pregnancy cabbage is rich in dietary fiber which helps regulate bowel movement adding cabbage to your pregnancy diet can mitigate constipation high fiber content also helps to manage blood sugar levels and lowers the risk of gestational diabetes it is a rich source of folic acid avoiding folic acid

deficiency during pregnancy is essential for fetal dna especially to protect the baby from neural tube congenital deformities cabbage leaf consumption helps in drawing out excess liquid present in the body so they can be used to manage swelling during and after pregnancy number seven good for your vision beta-carotene present in cabbage prevents macular degeneration of the eye and reduces the chances of developing cataracts cataracts can cause blurry and cloudy vision the potent antioxidants that cabbage contains also reduce the risk of inflammation throughout the body which can cause damage to our eyes and vision number eight heals intestinal barrier and intestinal lining cabbage has a natural chemical called glutamine and it acts great for the treatment or prevention of ulcers irritable bowel syndrome diverticulitis and gastritis number nine good for

vitamin k deficiency vitamin k is critical for blood clotting purposes if you are suffering from vitamin k deficiency adding cabbage to your diet could be the best you could do for yourself cabbage is an excellent source of vitamin k in addition to manganese folate calcium and vitamin b6 raw cabbage contains roughly 76 micrograms of vitamin k per 100 gram servings based upon a 2 000 calorie diet 76 micrograms represents 95 of the daily value of vitamin k for an 80 microgram recommended daily intake one cup of cabbage raw and chopped will generally have 67.6 micrograms of vitamin k number 10 anti-aging properties

cabbage contains indole free carbonyl and carbonyl is a powerful oxidant it detoxifies your liver it benefits the skin by removing toxins from the blood consuming cabbage daily with other cruciferous vegetables can provide anti-aging benefits vitamin c in the cabbage delays the anti-aging process vitamin a in cabbage works with vitamin d to make your skin look healthy and clear it avoids the destruction of skin cells from uv rays cabbage is good for healing properties it can also help to treat arthritis number 11 provide flawless skin naturally cabbage not only beautifies your skin but is also good for healthy skin vitamin a present in cabbage improves the complexion of the body cabbage juice is used commonly for improving complexion

potassium present in cabbage purifies the body and skin making them flawless number 12 sulfur and cabbage prevents acne sulfur is considered nature's beauty mineral because of its drying effects sulfur helps in drying acne it is also vital for the synthesis of protein substance i.e carotene essential for healthy hair nails and skin it cleans the blood and removes toxins from the blood so cabbage juice is good for acne as it contains sulfur number 13 stimulates hair growth cabbage is full of nutrients like vitamins calcium magnesium iron and sulfur so it is good for your hair like other

cruciferous vegetables cabbage contains vitamin a which contains antioxidants that stimulates hair growth cabbage nourishes your hair and provides silky and shiny hair if you are not having cabbage in your diet it is high time to add this fabulous vegetable into your diet to get some amazing benefits as it is available throughout the year lasts forever in the fridge and available at low price it is not difficult to make it a part of your healthy diet and get a perfect body you can make delicious stir-fried spicy cabbage in no time when you're feeling lazy short of ingredients and want to eat something healthy you just need a little oil cabbage and eggs to enjoy your delicious meal if you want to eat something fancy you can make a soup of cabbage rolls using cabbage cabbage kimchi stew hash roasted cabbage cool cannon noodles with

cabbage sauerkraut red lentils and cabbage doll and much more yummy dishes full of nutrients will you start consuming cabbage after watching this video let us know in the comment section below please don't forget to subscribe to my channel i can't grow this channel without your support don't forget to like comment and share stay healthy you

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