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5 Health Benefits of Dates For Your Health | Benefits of Dates

5 Health Benefits of Dates For Your Health | Benefits of Dates


Ivermectinpro - 5 Health Benefits of Dates, Dates are the sweet fruit of date palms, which can grow up to 30 feet tall and live for about  100 years. Date palms originated in what’s now Oman and Saudi Arabia and have been cultivated  in the Middle East since 3000 B.C. Dates are rich in vitamins and minerals, including iron,  calcium, phosphorous, potassium, riboflavin, and niacin. They’re also high in natural sugars,  including glucose and fructose, which make them great energy sources while they sustain your  mental health with antioxidant properties that protect against oxidative stress and inflammation.

Number one, Prevent High Blood Pressure, This is one of most common health benefits, so most people are familiar with it.  A 2007 study published in Phytotherapy Research shows that dates help prevent  high blood pressure and strengthen arteries by increasing nitric oxide production,  which relaxes your blood vessels. This helps lower blood pressure by dilating them, allowing more  oxygenated blood to flow throughout your body. The same study found that dates were also effective at  lowering cholesterol and regulating triglyceride levels—all related to cardiovascular health. number two, Get Energy From Healthy Fats, The health benefits of dates include a  healthy dose of fats from omega-3 fatty acids.

 These healthy fats help fight inflammation,  keep our bodies functioning, and even provide us with fuel for a workout.  Incorporate more dates into your diet to get some extra energy and health benefits!, number three, Improve Digestion, The fiber content in dates has been shown to help  alleviate diarrhea, constipation, and irritable bowel syndrome.

5 Health Benefits of Dates For Your Health | Benefits of Dates

Scientists aren’t exactly sure  why. Fiber—including soluble fiber, which is a key component in dates—may have prebiotic properties.

  Meaning, it could help promote good bacteria in your gut. Soluble fiber might also aid digestion  by acting as a thickening agent in your gut to slow digestion and boost feelings of fullness. number four, Promote Natural Labor, A new study found that laboring women  who ate dried dates experienced a shorter length of labor, required less pain medication  and had lower rates of cesarean births.Date fruit is packed with fiber and magnesium, which are both  important to a healthy pregnancy.

Dates contain natural sugars, but they don’t raise blood sugar  like other sweets do—and that’s especially helpful if you have gestational diabetes.

They’re also  high in iron and protein, so they can help support your growing baby throughout labor. number five, Good for Heart Health, Dates have been found to have a positive  effect on heart health. Research shows that those who consume dates are at a lower risk  for developing cardiovascular disease. The fiber, potassium, magnesium and antioxidants in dates  may help to lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels in your body. This can reduce your  risk for high blood pressure, stroke and other illnesses caused by bad cardiovascular health.


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