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Egg freezing  - Will it help preserve your fertility - or not?

Egg freezing - Will it help preserve your fertility - or not?


Egg cold has actually become a rather great method for ladies to aid preserve their fertility. But there are tons of concerns that you need to know prior to you make a decision whether egg freezing is for you The first idea that is necessary to recognize. Egg cold does not assure that you will certainly be able to have an infant in the future. Who are the women that are probably to gain from doing egg cold? Truth 1 The more youthful you are when you freeze your eggs, the better the possibilities that you will achieve success. Ladies who freeze their eggs in their very early twenties have a much greater possibility for success compared to ladies in their thirties or forties.

Truth 2 The even more eggs you ice up, the much better your chances of having an infant using those eggs. Let's state as an example that you are in between the ages of 30 as well as 34. If you freeze 8 eggs, you have about a 50:50 opportunity of having at the very least 1 baby, If you ice up 16 eggs, you have a 70% chance for contending least one child. If you freeze 30 eggs, you have a 90% possibility of having at the very least 1 baby.

Assume about that for a 2nd, for every single 10 ladies aged 30 to 34, who ice up 30 eggs, on typical there will certainly be 1 woman who does not wind up having a baby making use of those eggs. Age is still essential, even if you freeze a great deal of eggs. Allows take a look at another instance, lets state you are in between the ages of 38 and 40. If you freeze 8 eggs, rather of a 50% opportunity for 1 baby, you would have a 30% opportunity. For 16 eggs, your chances go down from 70% to 50% and for those fortunate women who ice up 30 eggs, the odds go down from 90% to 70% Truth 3 For many ladies, cold your eggs may not be required anyhow. That's right, you could still finish up getting pregnant by yourself.

Below are some ideas I offer to ladies to aid them make a decision whether to ice up eggs. The length of time do you expect it will be between the time you freeze your eggs as well as the moment you will utilize them? I understand, this is actually difficult to predict yet its an important factor. Lets state you are 25 when you freeze your eggs but you are going to try maternity when you are 26, 1 year later on. In this example, it is very unlikely that egg freezing will certainly have enhanced your possibilities for having a child. Yet if you do not try maternity up until you are 45, after that there is a substantial benefit to having frozen your eggs at age 25 Are you expecting something is mosting likely to happen that might damage your fertility? As an example, have you been detected with cancer and you need to undertake radiation treatment, which could ruin your eggs? Egg freezing might use a way to boost your probabilities. Do you have to have surgical treatment on your ovaries for any reason? Are you in the armed forces and therefore at threat for injury that could result in loss of your fertility? Any one of these are factors to take into consideration egg freezing. Fact 4 A lot of females are pretty delighted with their choice to freeze eggs. In one study of 224 egg-freezing individuals, 60 % reported really feeling less time stress while dating. One-quarter stated they felt "more unwinded, concentrated, less desperate and with more time to locate the right companion. " A tremendous 96 percent would certainly suggest egg cold to others.

An additional survey of 200 females discovered that 89 percent were satisfied with their decision to ice up, also if they never ever used their eggs. Our InfertilityTV base line is this: Enlighten on your own concerning egg freezing. In can really boost the possibilities for some women to have a baby but for others it might reduce the stress and anxiety connected with always considering your biologic clock. Egg cold is one approach for fertility preservation. One more is embryo freezing. Check out this video to get more information concerning it. If you have subject that you would certainly like us to cover in a future episode, leave it in the comments If you liked this video, after that "LIKE" this video clip. Subscribe now! InfertilityTV creates a new video each week. Its like having a fertility professional in your phone.

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